Style Tips For Men Over 50

Waistcoats are a great addition to an over-50 man’s wardrobe. A classy waistcoat pairs well with a button-down collared shirt. Black or grey waistcoats look good with almost any shirt. Loungewear is ideal for comfort and convenience but avoid clothing that’s too loose or tight. If worn incorrectly, it can make you look sloppy and dull.

Wear navy blazer

The navy blazer is a classic wardrobe staple for every well-dressed man. It looks sharp with a range of different looks and can be worn in many different ways. The tips below will help you to get the best look possible with this versatile piece. Wearing a navy blazer in multiple ways will make you look sharper than ever.

To complete the look, wear a lightweight padded vest. Heavy vests will make the blazer fit oddly, so wear a vest that is lighter in weight. This will create a more polished look and give you the option to dress up the look with a necktie. A lightweight vest also adds a layer of warmth to the look. Winter is about accessories, so pair the blazer with an overcoat to complete the look.

Wear a navy blazer

Whether you are looking for a stylish casual jacket or a sophisticated business look, a navy blazer will never go out of style. This timeless garment is an essential in any man’s wardrobe. Its versatility is unmatched, and it goes well with both light and dark washed jeans.

A navy blazer goes great with jeans and is a staple for any great wardrobe. To spice it up, consider adding a pair of navy suede casual boots. This combination also goes well with white canvas high top sneakers. However, you can dress up the blazer even further by pairing it with a pair of dressy shoes.

When it comes to making a style statement, men usually wear double-breasted jackets. They convey an impression of power and confidence. These jackets are often fashioned after military-style uniforms and have wide lapels. They are not for the timid or the conservative.

Wear a navy t-shirt with a navy t-shirt

When it comes to wearing a navy t-shirt with jeans, men in their fifties are spoilt for choice. This classic combo will give you a classy look and is great for the summertime. You can even add a pair of blue canvas loafers to give your outfit an extra edge.

Wear a tall shirt. A tall shirt will add one or two inches to the height of your frame. Similarly, the sleeve length will be increased by a full inch. This will make you appear more distinguished.